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Saving For Your Big Day

Weddings are expensive. Especially if you want to make your dream come true and have the wedding you've always dreamed of. 

In order to have the wedding you've always wanted, and still have enough money left over to continue your new life with your partner, you need to start saving money now. 

Here you'll learn some tips and effective ways to save some cash and put in the piggy bank for your dream wedding. I learned these tips from - Where you'll find a ton of information on wedding tips, tricks, and ideas. 

So for starters, no matter how far away in the future your wedding is, you need to start saving money NOW. 

What does this mean exactly? It means to cut on the unnecessary spending. No more fast food, you need to buy groceries and make lunch for work everyday. 

This can easily save you $20-25 a week which equals to $100 a month! In one year you've already saved $1200 just by changing your eating ways. 

Next, cut back on entertainment. Skip the movies, or at least the popcorn and soda if you do go out to the movies. Skip the expensive cocktails. 

Start couponing if you have to. I have a ton of friends who are now in the couponing business and they save a ton each month and necessary items like toothpaste, soap, and detergent. BUY SMART. 

Remember this takes effort, and not only from the bride, but from the groom too. BOTH of you need to begin saving. 

It is also a good idea to open a joint savings account, and insert money just for the wedding. 

Discuss how much each of you can put from your pay day checks each week. Slowly but surely this account will grow, and it will make you feel better. 

If you are interested in plus size wedding dresses, don't forget to visit say yes wedding dress site for endless choices. 

Remember weddings are expensive and you must have a plan to succeed. Good Luck. 

Our Commitment

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. We have experience planning weddings of all types, and will work with you to plan the wedding you have always dreamed about. With our help, you can focus on the things that matter, like spending time with your family and friends during this momentous occasion.

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